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Testimonials and Success Stories

Leadership Advisory Services has worked with numerous organizations covering a multitude of issues affecting business today. Addressing the “what” and leading through the “how” is our secret to success. Here is a sampling of the companies we have served.


“Tony has the unique ability to see past the background noise of an organization to help them focus on what will drive future success. He’s one in a million. He’s that good.”

Bert Elsner II

President and CEO, Elsner Engineering Works, Inc.

I recently purchased a small company which has a strong history of commitment and service. I quickly realized that I needed someone with a strong financial and accounting background to help me gain understanding and confidence in that area. Tony provided this professional assistance. With his help, I was able to effectively communicate and implement desired change to my accounting team. Coward Environmental Systems is a better managed company today for his help. I also value the interpersonal relationship and mutual respect that arose from simply working together. Thanks Tony!

Robert E. Miller

Owner, Coward Environmental Systems

“Thoughts about working with Tony:


  • Guides you towards new solutions that perhaps you had been unaware of
  • Is a great listener and coach; keeps you motivated to succeed
  • Takes ownership of a situation without taking a full time role
  • If you know what you don’t know and can express these thoughts to Tony, he will either be able to help with the answer and provide direction or direct you to someone who can
  • Not only is a great businessman, he is a genuine all around good human being”



James M. Cadmus

Owner, Cadmet

“I decided to utilize Tony’s services in the summer of 2009. We had company ambitions that had not become a reality. We wanted to improve our performance. After spending time with Tony I was convinced he could help us attain the improvements we desired. One particular reason I was convinced was the way my key staff members became quickly comfortable with integrating Tony into our planning sessions. To date the results have been extremely positive. We quickly identified what our goals were, the method to get tasks done, and who was responsible to execute the tasks. The measurable results we have achieved have exceeded our already high expectations. Tony helped us to create an environment where we have the direction and accountability to succeed. Tony did not create the answers, but tapped into the talent already available at PPCP that allowed us to generate results.”

Andrew Miller

President and COO, Pennsylvania Precision Cast Parts

“Tony is a great partner and trusted advisor. Our company is now focused on execution and results. In short order, he helped me define our needs and put together a plan together to achieve our desired outcomes.”

Clark Tomlinson

President and Owner, Tomlinson Bomberger

“Several years ago I ask Tony to come and give me some leadership advice for my family business. He has been helping me now over the last several years solve problems one by one. Tony truly is a man who focuses on what matters. I can highly recommend him as a man who has solutions and options for the variety of opportunities in this present economy. He made a promise to help me through and he has kept his promise. Tony is a man of integrity that can give solutions based on reality.”

Joe Westover

Chairman, Allensville Planing Mill

“We started working with Tony at the beginning of the year. He has helped us develop a clear strategic plan and a leadership group. Tony is also a member of our Advisory Board. He is a great facilitator, very enthusiastic, identifies problems quickly with solutions, and is truly committed to working as a team on whatever it takes to be a winner. Thanks Tony”

David Boylan

President, Berks Packing Company, Inc.

I served on a board with Tony for many years and always admired his energy, pragmatic approach to solving problems and direct communication skills. When our business was struggling with a multitude of opportunities and lack of focus, Tony came to mind as the perfect resource to assist us. He quickly assessed our business situation, environment and opportunities. He identified a missing, but critical skill set, and assisted in securing the appropriate resource to fill this void. His ability to act as a facilitator, or as part of the decision-making team, makes him an indispensable practical and strategic partner to our company. His laser-like focus, high enthusiasm and personable demeanor energizes our company and makes him fun to work with.

Thomas A. Baum

Vice President, DBC Ag Products

“Rather than take on a big consulting contract, I hired Tony to facilitate and lead a process that compelled my leadership team to focus and identify priorities in the short term, allowing us to exit this recession with renewed energy and passion for the business. He was quick to understand our issues and was able to expedite and lead a shortened and direct conversation rapidly. It was this focused approach that allowed us to get a lot of value for our money. Plus Tony is easy to talk to, full of enthusiasm and a joy to work with.”

Phil Wenger

President, Isaac's Deli, Inc.

“Tony seems to be able to come to an office, spend a few minutes with employees and be able to pinpoint the root of the problem. Communications skills seemed to be the key missing element in our organization that was keeping us from our goal of more free time. By sitting and working individually with our key people, Tony has helped us to set goals, solve problems and exchange ideas to promote profitability. As we work at these improvements, we know we can always bring Tony in when we feel the need for a tune up.”

Frank and Sherry Kraft

Owners, Reisinger Poultry, Inc.

His combination of financial competence, people relationship competence and strategic thinking ability enabled him to quickly get up to speed on the past history of the company as well as get a good grasp of the challenges and opportunities facing the company. Importantly, in short order he developed both a strategic plan and an implementation plan that identified critical issues from concept through an action plan and timetable to address those issues. All of this was done with and through the people working in the company. In the process, he developed a high level of trust and enthusiasm with those he interfaced with.”

Paul R. Roedel

Retired CEO, Carpenter Technology Corporation

“Tony was recommended to me as an “accelerator” for bringing about the changes we were seeking to achieve. This proved to be very true. Tony’s experience, insight, good judgment and carefully measured guidance has proved invaluable in assisting in our strategic planning, and essential in our company’s ongoing efforts to improve employee engagement and productivity. Tony has been well worth the investment.”

Peter Barbey

President and Chief Executive Officer, The Reading Eagle Company

Tony is a man of integrity who truly practices his business title, “ FOCUSING ON WHAT MATTERS”. He is quick to analyze the facts and qualities of the team, provide leadership, strategic direction, action plans, execution of the plans and monitoring the results. Tony offers praise when appropriate, is direct in a positive way and has developed trust and enthusiasm with our team. He has been a positive addition to our Board of Directors and understands the importance of success and stewardship. I consider him a wonderful friend and mentor.

Marlin H. Thomas

CEO, Willow Valley

“During my first meeting with Tony, he quickly identified the major sources of my “pain” and outlined a straight forward process to initiate improvements to my business. Tony identified three main focus areas; Leadership, Project Management and Marketing.”

“The concept of a Business Consultant coming into our business was really very foreign to my employees and they were a bit unnerved to say the least. Our business has 10 employees ranging from 35 years – 5 years of service, they were quite set in their ways….”

“Tony was an excellent fit to do this work for us. Tony demonstrated the knowledge, skills and ability that he has assembled over his years of experience in “big business” to work with our small company!”

“Tony used his outgoing personality to pull the best information out of each one of us, and then used that information to help us develop our three areas of focus and Action Plans. It has been my privilege to have had the opportunity to work with Tony!

Thanks Tony!”

Timothy D. Diehm

President, Diehm & Sons, Inc.

“I had the opportunity to meet Tony in the late summer of 2011 while our company was undergoing transition in our sales department. Our timing couldn’t have been better. Tony brought a fresh perspective into our sales and marketing efforts. With his help we were able to visualize our sales from the top down and form a plan of action to get quality people in key positions. Tony’s direct, no-nonsense approach allowed us to focus on the future rather than past mistakes. It became apparent early in the process that Tony’s value far exceeded his fee. Tony didn’t waste our money telling us things we already knew; rather he identified key issues related to our sales and marketing and gave us realistic solutions.”

Tom Kauffman

Vice President/Co-owner, Kauffman's Animal Health, Inc.

“In a phrase, Tony is a one-of-a-kind partner for our company. He brings a unique combination of leadership experience, understandable strategic concepts, and a care and understand of the role of people with an organization. Tony helped us craft a new strategic direction and at the same time, prepared us for the type of resistance and challenges we would experience during implementation. And unlike other consultants, it’s not just a “recommendation” without “go-live support.” Tony made himself available to our entire team while implementing our strategic changes helping to guide us through the real time challenges. It’s not just consulting speak either –Tony has an innate ability to breakdown complex problems into simple executable tasks. On a personal level, Tony’s deep set of experiences allow him to provide excellent and timely advice which I have greatly appreciated. We consider ourselves fortunate to partner with Tony.”

Wes Murry

Murry Companies

“Tony’s significant experience in corporate management and his strong capabilities in organization and staff development have been very helpful to us in moving this company forward. He has been very successful in leading project teams and in achieving goals consistent with the schedules. We also appreciate his experience working at the project level and at the Board of Director level.”

Ron Hoover

CEO, Cornerstone Business Ventures

Strategic Planning; Facilitation

Tony expertly lead our board and staff through the strategic planning process at our very diverse human services agency. He skillfully challenged us to objectively assess our current position and craft our vision for the future. He was able to make the hard work fun and the process resulted in four clearly stated strategic focus areas, action plans and accountability measures. As board chair, I feel that I now have an excellent tool to both look forward to the agencies future successes and to regularly evaluate our progress. Great job Tony, thanks!”

Ed Rasmuson

Community Action Program of Lancaster County Board Chair and Scout Executive

“The process enlightened everyone on what business is about, even though we all expect everyone to know, the focus was sharpened to what’s important. We have already seen a change in the way people interact with each other, including the openness between the “boss” and others. I want this to continue to improve and we want to take this to a higher level as we go through the strategic plan implementation. It’s all about people. The team building that was accomplished has been wonderful and we are preparing our organization to tackle the current economic situation to improve our bottom line and look to the future to make a difference. Thanks for your help.”

Bill Murry

President, The Murry Companies

“As staff is putting the final touches on our new strategic plan, just wanted to pass along my personal appreciation for the great job you did in facilitating this wild and crazy bunch of construction folks. Thanks to you, we have a great plan with good direction, priorities and good measurements to track our progress AND we had some laughs and fun along the way. As you know, I also do this kind of thing and have used many folks that also do strategic planning. It’s sad when the facilitator wants to take the group where HE thinks they should go. You did a great job of taking us from where WE were to where WE knew we needed to be without letting us run off the cliff… Great job— looking forward to working with you again.”

John R. Zimmer, CAE

President & CEO, ABC Keystone

“Leadership Lancaster is fortunate to be able to draw on Tony’s expertise in leadership development and enthusiasm for helping individuals and organizations succeed. Leadership Lancaster held its annual Board of Director’s retreat to evaluate our successes and assess our opportunities for future growth. Tony’s facilitating techniques were the right fit for the format of the day. He led us through the process with a great understanding of where we needed to go and guided us there. Tony has shared his effective facilitation skills and knowledge of our community introducing new executives to Lancaster during our Executive Orientation Series. I am so pleased that Leadership Lancaster is able to rely on Tony’s experience and understanding to provide local professional and leadership development.”

Deb Rohrer

Executive Director, Leadership Lancaster

“Dynamic, motivating, fun, engaging, direct, focused, results oriented, challenging, persistent, gets things done, and encourages others to do the same.”

John Lebo

President, Doucette Industries, Inc.

“Tony, your willingness to facilitate our retreat, at a reduced cost but without any reduction in preparation, energy, skill, expertise and time is most genuinely appreciated. Your advance work with Tom, Cheryl and me helped shaped the agenda in a meaningful and sequential format, and kept us focused on the bigger picture. Your unwavering energy was evident throughout our time together, as well as your appreciation and respect for the Chamber. During the retreat you managed to keep us on task, to help us stay focused, to encourage us, to affirm our work and to incite enthusiasm and inspiration for the days/year ahead. Thank you.” “On a personal level, I will say publicly that I appreciate your style and your attention to detail. Your experience as a business leader is reflected in the wisdom that you impart and in your ability to gently but firmly address issues and to nudge people forward. I also appreciated your ability to help us focus on the goals for the retreat and to ensure that we met those goals. It has been my experience that a commitment to accountability is often overlooked at these types of programs. Your assurance to the Board that our work over the past day and a half was not in vain and, in fact, will be developed, refined and monitored is critical to our ongoing success. You may be assured that we will execute on that directive!”

Kim Smith

Hartman, Underhill and Brubaker;Chairman elect, The Lancaster Chamber

Board of Directors / Advisory Boards

“Tony has been a big asset to both of the (Sterling) boards by getting involved in the duties and responsibilities of a director. Tony took it upon himself to meet over 25 members of the senior leadership team at Sterling in one on one conversation in order to be more knowledgeable about the workings and the people at Sterling. Tony has been an invaluable member of the audit committee providing his expertise in accounting and financial reporting to the committee and the board of directors. I would recommend Tony to any board that wants a hard working, conscientious, financially astute member.”

Glenn R. Walz

Principal, Walz, Deihm, Geisenberger, Bucklen & Tennis, P.C.

“I have had the honor of serving with Mr. Chivinski on the Sterling Financial Board of Directors as well as on the Audit Committee. Mr. Chivinski is always prepared for the meeting agenda. He is engaged in the meetings. With his financial background, he has an uncanny ability to dissect financial statements and ask appropriate questions to clarify the information for all participants. Tony served as the financial expert on the Sterling Audit Committee which I had chaired. As part of that duty he testified to government agencies and provided financial information in regard to the audit function. I found him to be an honorable and moral individual with an engaging personality, unqualified dedication to the task and I would highly recommend him to serve in any organization that he desires to be involved in.”

Dr. Richard Albright

Chairman, Sterling Audit Committee

“In just over 3 years, Tony made a significant impact on board activities including governance, risk management, revenue generation and executive development. His ability to listen, absorb and analyze quickly allows him to identify key strategic issues. He understands that the key to success is a strong plan with a focus on execution and teamwork.”

J. Roger Moyer, Jr.

Former President & CEO, Sterling Financial Corporation


“(Tony) is a man of absolute integrity who has an innate ability to think strategically, to get at the heart of issues, and to deal evenhandedly with people. In fact, his people skills are an absolute strength that allows Tony to resolve issues while continuing to retain the trust of all concerned.”

“His leadership skills have been invaluable not only at his employment, but also in his involvement in his profession and in the community, where he has held numerous impactful volunteer roles.”

Rick Oppenheimer

Chair, Vistage International, Inc.

“Tony is a man of character and competence who possesses the knowledge, skills, ability and attitude necessary to help make profound differences in the organizations he assists and the people who work within them. He has a wealth of successful experience as a professional business person, community leader and respected advisor that he successfully shares with people from all kinds of organizations and all walks of life. His people skills are unparalleled. He’s great with people and truly cares about them, but is also able to have the tough conversations where he can balance the rigor and compassion needed to help individuals move from the places they find themselves stuck to new possibilities.”

Geoffrey L. Davis, PCC

Executive Coach and Leadership Consultant, Reinsel Kuntz Lesher LLP