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What We Do – We fix things. We solve problems. We resolve challenges. We capture opportunities. We effect sustainable change. We not only deal with the what, we lead you through the how. Straight answers and practical solutions are delivered. We assist in implementation with a sense of urgency and develop crisp execution as a key competency.

The result – the team celebrates success!

Why leaders come to us:

  • We get results – please see our client testimonials!
  • We have been where you are – we have extensive senior leadership experiences including board of director level involvement.
  • We are great listeners.
  • We believe work should be fun and bring enthusiasm and a positive attitude to the engagement.
  • We have strategic insight and depth in leadership, finance, culture, strategy, customer relationships , human capital and board governance. We are very good at execution.
  • Client employees quickly ascertain we care and that we are there to assist them and help them succeed.
  • We become your confidential, trusted advisor.

Success Stories

“Tony Chivinski’s ability to listen, absorb and analyze quickly allows him to identify key strategic issues.”


Former President & CEO, Sterling Financial Corporation